June 2014

With this call to action, you can change your waistline—and the world

Our flawed food system has led to dual epidemics: hunger and obesity. In the past 30 years, we’ve seen the repercussions of global changes, and they aren’t pretty. We’re closing in on 1 billion people going hungry—and an even greater number are already overweight. As a nation, we’ve traditionally focused on making food fast, convenient, and widely available rather than good for us. Cooking has turned into reheating. Shelf stability trumps freshness. “Big,” “cheap,” and “sweet” outweigh “nutritious” and “well produced” by an (un)healthy margin.

The thing is, bad food can kill you just as no food can—it just takes longer. It creeps up on us in the form of obesity, cancer, and heart disease, and also as degraded soil, a compromised environment, and weakened local agriculture.

There is a solution to this very complex and far-reaching problem: you. By making small changes to your own diet, you can not only improve your health but also become part of the collective force needed to re-create a healthy food system that feeds the world well. Start here.

By deciding how much and exactly which types of salt, sugar, and fat we will use to make our fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, and grains taste delicious, we reclaim control over our health and our weight. Cook as often as you can. more