April 2015

I studied international relations, security, and warfare for four years, but it wasn’t until I left college that I made the connection between hunger and terrorism.

Let’s backtrack a bit for some context: In the early fall of 2001, I was in my senior year at Columbia University as a political science major with a focus on global security policy. Specifically, I had become interested in the way the U.S. and the world work to avoid war, and ensure security in the modern world. My area of study meant that I was familiar with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, but I was just as confused and shocked when the events of that horrid and tragic day took place. I decided to focus my career on understanding “why” this had happened. For the next few years, I worked in international security-related jobs, as a research associate for a group of military officers, and at ABC News in the investigative unit.